Hon. Bill Blair
Member of Parliament for Scarborough Southwest
Support for Canadians with Disabilities
October 13, 2020

Supporting all Canadians throughout the pandemic has been a priority of mine while in Ottawa. I know that this pandemic has deeply affected the lives and health of all Canadians, but it has also disproportionately affected Canadians living with disabilities. Our government will continue to ensure our pandemic response and recovery is inclusive by collaborating with the COVID-19 Disability Advisory Group and listening to Canadians from across the country and in the community.

The new support is just a starting point of helping Canadians with disabilities get through this difficult time. In the upcoming weeks, 1.7 million Canadians with disabilities will receive a one-time, tax-free payment of $600. It is my hope that this will provide some assistance during these tough times.

If you are a recipient of the following programs or benefits you will receive the $600 benefit:

  1. A Disability Tax Credit (DTC) certificate provided by the Canada Revenue Agency or is eligible for the DTC and apply for it before September 25, 2020.
  2. Canada Pension Plan disability benefit
  3. Disability supports provided by Veterans Affairs Canada this includes:

Seniors with disabilities, who were eligible for the one-time seniors payment announced on May 12, 2020, and are also eligible for the one-time disability payment, will receive a total amount of $600 broken into 2 payments:

If they received the $300 one-time seniors payment for the Old Age Security (OAS) pension, they will receive an additional $300;

If they received the $500 one-time seniors payment for both the OAS pension and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) or the Allowance, they will receive an additional $100.

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One Time Disability Payment

On October 30, 2020, approximately 1.6 million eligible clients will automatically start receiving the one-time disability payment. This will be the first set of payments from the Government of Canada and will amount to approximately $763 million for persons with disabilities.

Many different groups of Canadians will be eligible for this payment, including those who are eligible for the Disability Tax Credit, Canada Pension Plan Disability, and 7 programs administered by Veterans Affairs Canada. During the pandemic, the Government has been working tirelessly to prioritize the review and analysis of applications for those disability programs, in order to confirm eligibility and deliver this one-time payment to eligible recipients as quickly as possible.

Seniors with disabilities who were eligible for the one-time seniors payment announced on May 12, 2020 may also be eligible for the one-time payment to persons with disabilities. In cases where they are eligible for both payments, individuals would receive a total amount of $600 as follows:


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